“Project Telephone” Downtown Bonita Springs

As Downtown Bonita Springs continues to undergo revitalization, check out the newest hot spots to hit the area. From the same builders giving us Sugarshack (hopefully opening in January 2024!!), Moran & Kennedy have a new venture planed – ‘Project Telephone’! 📞🚧

This project is bringing us not just one, but TWO new dining choices right beside Downtown Coffee and Wine Bar! 🍽️🍷☕

🚀 Restaurant Reveal 1: ‘The North Site’ In collaboration with the culinary explorer Patrick Fraley of IPC Naples, Moran & Kennedy are whipping up a gastro-gem right next to Downtown Coffee. This spot will have indoor and outdoor dining spots, offering a perfect backdrop for our foodie adventures and chill-out sessions. 🍽️🌿

🚀 Restaurant Reveal 2: ‘The South Site’ Just a hop away on Hampton Street, a second eatery is popping up. This restaurant will dedicate a huge portion of their space for outdoor seating which we can definitely use downtown. 🌠🍲

Right now they are on the hunt for restaurateurs to scoop up these new spaces and we simply cannot wait to see who’s going to join our vibrant downtown!

Here’s to the future adventures in Downtown Bonita Springs 🥂 More info on our downtown spots, soon to be revealed!

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