Turtle Club Restaurant Reopening

Originally slated for a fall reopening after Hurricane Ian’s storm surge caused substantial damage a year ago, The Turtle Club, a renowned beachfront restaurant in North Naples, is now aiming to welcome guests again around year’s end.

“December is our target; we’re cautiously optimistic. Our goal is to commence service by the start of the new year. The Vanderbilt area experienced extensive damage; we lost everything, including all of the restaurant equipment,” shared Peter Tierney, co-owner of The Turtle Club with Mick Moore. “But the silver lining is, we are on our way back. The support and encouragement we’ve received have been overwhelming.”

Established in 1998, the restaurant was constructed to meet code specifications, featuring breakaway walls designed to collapse from storm surge. This allowed water to flow through without compromising the integrity of the adjoining hotel structure. “The walls did exactly what they were designed to do,” Tierney explained. “This resulted in extensive interior damage.”

While Vanderbilt Beach Resort has already reopened, the restoration of its significantly impacted restaurant continues, aiming to welcome guests again by end of year. “We aren’t making any radical changes. We are rebuilding it as it was—it had a great formula,” he articulated. “Our team remains united and enthusiastic. We are eager to reopen our doors.”

Significant progress has been made on the exterior since Hurricane Ian decimated the resort’s landscape and filled the swimming pool with sand. “The palm trees and orchids are back, and the pool has been restored,” Tierney said, hopeful and excited for the restaurant’s revival.

“Acquiring the permit is anticipated to happen shortly,” Moore disclosed. “Our objective is to reopen before Christmas. We’re set to accelerate operations once the permit is secured. We’re progressing daily, edging ever closer to our goal.”